Carrot Day!!

Maybe this challenge we set ourselves was due to the amount of carrots we had in the fridge, but yesterday we.. well me really…. set out to make carrots the main part of every meal, and we achieved it by making four different things!!!

Breakfast:- Carrot “bacon” sandwiches!!

I hope some of you weren’t like “Urghhh that would never be the same!” Don’t say that until you’ve tried it. We used a mixture of Hickory flavoured Liquid Smoke that we learnt on a “Vegan Junk Food” cooking course that we did with the Vegetarian Society. We mixed some liquid smoke, cider vinegar, paprika, soy sauce and some soil…. made our marinade and soaked our carrot strips for a while, before frying them. The flavour of the cooked carrots was amazing, and topped with some ketchup, I felt like I was eating a bacon sandwich!!! 

First meal of the day complete!

Lunch:- Carrot & Coriander soup

I thought it was time to pull out my trusty electric pressure cooker…. quick and easy to use, simply add all the ingredients and leave it while the cooker works its magic! I really do love my pressure cooker.

We weren’t sure if the kids would be happy to have the soup, so we turned our meal into a game of who could ‘slurp’ the loudest, not proper etiquette, but the kids found it funny and we had 4 clean bowls at the end, so it worked!

Dinner:- Roasted vegetable (including carrot) pizza

Why waste that good marinade from breakfast. We used it again with some more carrot strips, that along with some mushrooms, chopped sweet peppers, red onions. Topped with some tomato sauce and cheese and in the pizza oven it went for a lovely roasted top and crispy base…. yummy!

Pudding:- Vegan / Gluten Free Carrot cake

I’m always looking for something sweet after a meal…. so why not carrot cake! I found this recipe for vegan carrot cake, and I only had gluten free flour so bang there you go! I am not sure if you are also experiencing this, but I have not been able to find baking powder for weeks…  so I had to improvise and use baking soda with some lemon juice as my substitute… and it worked. It was so yummy with a dollop of Alpro Greek yogurt (dairy-free)…. ah writing this is making me hungry… I may go and have a cheeky slice now!

Do you have any other ideas for a carrot themed dish? There are so many more that we wanted to try xx

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