Confessions of a Vegan Mum!!!

Where does the time go?!?!?! As I sit here and write this, I think to myself that it has been almost two months since I wanted to write this, but just haven’t found the time. Things have gotten so busy these last few weeks, with the kids now settled into their new school and nursery, I set out to find a part time job, and with that it meant all my free time instantly disappeared. It has been amazing getting back into a job and getting my brain to work again, but it leaves me to squeeze in washing/ tidying around the kids schedule, and cooking dinner has now become a semi unplanned thing where the kids say “whats for dinner” and I am then rushed to make something. With my schedule the way that it is, I have resorted to cooking familiar dishes, and not experimenting with new recipes, hence why I have not posted any new recipes lately.

On drives to swimming lessons, or waiting for the school bell to ring, I have been constantly thinking about my blog and judging my blog compared to others. There is no worse critic than yourself, and I have been very harsh. I judge my lack of regular posts, the quality of my unprofessional photos, and compare myself to other food bloggers who have been doing this for years and are very successful. I’ve had to review my personal view of what I wanted to achieve with my blog, and review in priority what different roles I have in my life – firstly a mum, a wife, chef, employee, housekeeper and lastly a blogger.

With limited time on my hands I’ve found myself revisiting my time in the kitchen. With my new best friend in the kitchen, an electric pressure cooker, I have found myself re creating existing recipes in a fraction of the time, which fits perfectly into my busy schedule while still allowing the kids to have a good home cooked meal.

As much as it has been brilliant working from home, I have found that being home I am prone to much more “nibbling”. I’ve kept within my “vegan” diet but find that I am eating far too many crisps, and unhealthy snacks. This for me, packed over the last three months since we’ve moved, has meant that I have put back on all my weight I initially lost and successfully kept off for just over a year. This has to stop!!!! But of course easier said than done.

My new goal is to try and always have healthy snacks in the house. An example I can set for my kids, as it’s been a shock seeing my youngest disappointment when mummy hasn’t bought her crisps… how did we get into this habit in the first place?!?!

I hope to be able to share healthy alternatives to the “easy to buy” unhealthy snacks that become so convenient and part of the norm!!!

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  1. Adam de Freitas says:

    So true Sash, I think one of our biggest challenges in life is having to constantly reprioritise our time within an ever changing environment as we grow both individualy, in our careers and as a family. I know you will choose what is best for your family as you’re an amazing mother! And whatever it may be, your family will always support you.

    Your Bro,

    1. Energetic Mum says:

      Thank you for your support Adam xx

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