Cooking with the kids

Do you cook with your kids?

I don’t remember cooking much as a child with my mom, other than cakes and loving to  lick the bowl clean… best part!!!! I’ve always enjoyed cooking with my kids, and we have also found if we cook with them, they are more willing to try new foods, with different flavours and textures. Depending on time however it is not always possible, but with the lockdown, there is now an opportunity to do it.

Charlie was also tasked as part of his Beavers Cooking badge to cook 3 dishes, and it is no surprise that he choose two sweet dishes, and one savoury dish. He choose to make an apple crumble with help from grandma via Facetime, then chocolate and banana pancakes, and finally macaroni pie. He was so excited to do each step on his own (obviously with lots of guidance).

Over the last few weeks we have made so many different things, and their involvement has varied from simply taking all the ingredients out, to measuring ingredients, to helping cook, or simply looking on and asking questions. We have answered so many “what is that” and “why do you” questions, but it has been absolutely brilliant encouraging them and seeing their little minds work.

So why not introduce your kids to cooking, starting off with something simple. Their confidence will grow and they will surprise you. If you are already cooking with then then that’s brilliant – expand and choose something a little different to make with them. Put your OCD aside and worry about cleaning up afterwards, even get them to help load the dishwasher! Good luck!

Share what you have made with your little ones! xx

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  1. Suzanne de Freitas says:

    Loved reading your article and photos to support what’s cooking. Look forward to viewing more articles. You write well.

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