Cooking without all the ingredients….

As I sit by the laptop ready to say a few words I look out my kitchen window and see that the cows are back in the field…. I absolutely love seeing them there and it’s the first time for the year the farmer has had them in the field next to our garden. It is so quiet… kids are upstairs chatting away as they put on their pjs… and I thought let me enjoy the next 2 ½ minutes of silence… beep beep! Nope that’s the oven buzzer… I’ll be back.

I am back… checked on the kids and no they weren’t changing into pjs but playing… so they are now changing… that should give me another 2mins to myself.. maybe.

Life has been busy so writing a blog has not been at the top of my list for a while, but I thought if this isn’t the right time to write, when is. I knew from this morning that I was planning to make my lentil loaf, kids are enjoying it now and why not have a roast… on a Monday night! I’ve never been someone who makes sure she has all the right ingredients before starting to cook, I just feel like eating something and start making it. So I wasn’t really surprised to find they had no more mushrooms in the fridge for my lentil loaf.

I am sure that is something very familiar in current circumstances. Right now we are running low on a few things, but have lots of others. So when I realised I had no more mushrooms I then spotted the aubergine in the fridge. Aubergine… Eggplant… Melongene… whatever you call it!!! So the aubergine replaced my mushrooms in this recipe. I’ve also realised the last few times I have made this recipe that I prefer using blackbeans instead of red beans… so I use that now…. both are easily interchanged for my lentil loaf.

With potatoes and parsnips boiling, cookies coming out the oven, carrots being grated, the kitchen counter was a bit of a mess, but everything was falling into place. I opened what I thought was gluten free oats to add to my lentil loaf, and then as I poured it out realised it was muesli.. I was all out of plain oats…. another oops! But why wouldn’t that work…. the muesli had oats, sultanas, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, and cranberries…. Sounds yummie so I added that to the pot and stirred it all together.

As I lined the bread tin, I called for backup and hubby started adding the mixture into the tin. “Why don’t you add the parsnips on top the loaf?” Hmmm not a bad idea… so we did! Oh my word, the best decision ever… it tasted so great!

So anyway don’t let lack of certain ingredients prevent you from making a recipe… Enjoy cooking something that you really want to eat. 


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