Get in shape for holiday challenge

In December 2016, over the Christmas break, I was talking to my friend Claire about a detox she does every January. She normally eliminates dairy, meat, caffeine, alcohol and gluten. We chatted about it and decided, with out February holiday in mind, we’d do the detox together for the main goal of weight loss.

So from Monday 9th January, for 6 weeks, we went cold turkey, excuse the pun, and cut out all the above. Hubby and I did this together, which I found was great. Having someone close by to do the detox with you means you both work towards the same goal and encourage each other.

This detox started off as a weight loss goal for me. My hubby didn’t need to loose any weight as he was training for the London marathon, so had practically no body fat… compared to me after two kids.

Over the 6 weeks, I was successful in eliminating dairy, meat, caffeine, alcohol and gluten…. hubby continued having coffee but switched to soya milk. I won’t lie, it was challenging to say the least… there is gluten in EVERYTHING!!!! 

What exactly is gluten? Gluten is a general name for the protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Gluten helps foods maintain their shape, acting as a glue that holds food together.


At times it was frustrating, but overall it was fun. I really enjoyed searching for new recipes and trying them out. I did find that being gluten free was expensive initially, but as I got accustomed to identifying what foods had gluten I just avoided recipes with them and soon found more fun and economically friendly recipes to follow. 

I enjoyed sharing my food with friends when they visited, and everyone was very interested in my detox. Initially there wasn’t much weight loss, I’d say it wasn’t until week 4 or 5 before it became very noticeable. I had dropped about 12lbs, and it was definitely noticeable in my waist, hips and boobs… the only disappointment!!!!

Holiday time came around and we traveled home to Trinidad for Carnival… now was the true test… wearing a Carnival costume. All of my family and friends noticed my weight loss and when they asked how, and I told them what I stopped eating, there were looks of disbelief.

I won’t lie, being home was VERY hard to continue with my diet. I tried but not being able to find all the right ingredients I did fall back to eating gluten, eggs and fish over the 2 weeks we were there. 

I did not feel good! After eating a veggie roti I felt all bloated and uncomfortable… it was at that time I realised I must have an intolerance to gluten. 

As soon as we landed back in London I made up my mind that I would turn this detox into a lifestyle change. I felt so good in myself while on the detox and that is how I wanted to continue feeling.
So the journey continues.

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    Enjoyed reading your blog.

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