Kale, Squash, Lentil salad

We have had some amazing weather this weekend, the sun was out and that meant it was salad time!!!!

I’ve bought this salad before, and made it at home a few times, but tried a slightly different twist to it this weekend and it was a success. A success for me is not only having hubby go back for seconds, but definitely Charlie asking to try some.

There are a few different steps to this dish, but while the squash is roasting and the lentils are cooking, you can prepare the kale and also fry the chickpeas. The fried chickpeas is one of my added touches as felt it was nice to have a little crunch in the salad… how crunchy you make them is entirely up to you.


Roasted Squash

  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 small butternut squash, chopped into 1″ cubes
  • 2 tsp dried sage


  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 200 g  green lentils
  • 600 ml boiling water
  • 1 veggie stock cube, crushed into the pan
  • salt and pepper to taste

Fried Chickpeas (Air-Fryer)

  • 400 g tin of chickpeas, drained and rinsed
  • 3 sprays of olive oil

Kale salad

  • 200 g curly leaf kale, deveined
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 100 g plum tomatoes
  • 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds
  • 1 tbsp sunflower seeds


  1. Preheat the oven to 200oC
  2. Peel and chop the butternut squash into 1″ cubes, place on a roasting tin and mix with 1 tbsp olive oil before sprinkling dried sage over the butternut squash.
  3. Bake in the over for 30-40 minutes until the butternut squash is tender and lightly brown on the outside. Take out of the oven and allow to sit and cool until you are ready to prepare the salad.
  4. Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in a pan on medium to high heat, and add the chopped onion to cook for 5 minutes.
  5. Add in the green lentils and crushed veggie cube, stir to ensure the lentils become coated in the oil and fry for 2-3 minutes before adding in the water.
  6. Reduce the heat on the pan to low and then cover, allowing to simmer for 30-40 minutes.
  7. Drain the chickpeas and rinse through before adding to the air-fryer* at 180oC temperature for 15 minutes.
    * If you do not have an air-fryer, you can choose to add the chickpeas to a frying pan and slightly coat with olive oil. Keep an eye on them to make sure they do not get too crispy.
  8. Start to prepare your salad by deveining the curly leaf kale into a bowl. (Basically removing the thicker stems from the kale, leaving the easier to eat leaves)
  9. Once all kale leaves are in the bowl, add the olive oil and using your hands massage the oil into the kale, you will notice the kale start to soften.
  10. Add in all other ingredients – roasted squash, lentils, fried chickpeas, tomatoes and top with the pumpkin and sunflower seeds.


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  1. chefkreso says:

    This salad looks so flavourful and fresh, love the ingredients!

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