Reflections on My Year Being Dairy, Meat and Gluten Free

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I found it was much easier than I had initially thought, and I felt really great…

Where has the last year gone? On 9th January 2017, I began my journey to be dairy free, meat free and gluten free. A year into my journey and I am surprised how quickly the time has passed. It has been a busy one but I am very proud to say I have achieved it and look forward to continuing.

I honestly thought being dairy free would be so hard, as I absolutely loved my cheese. My journey started off as a detox and weight loss challenge before going on holiday. Maybe that is why it was so successful, because in my mind it was only for a limited 6 weeks. However, during these 6 weeks I found it was much easier than I had initially thought, and I felt really great. It meant making most meals from scratch, but because of this I also re-found my love of cooking. I enjoyed and still enjoy looking for new recipes to try, and finding new alternative ingredients to use, and this is how my blog EnergeticMum was born. Somewhere I could post recipes I have tried, and resources that I used to help me get a better understanding of my new found lifestyle change.

Besides initially having my 6 week challenge, I also firmly believe that what helped me through this was completing it with my husband. Together we both shared the same challenges, and when one of us was on rocky grounds the other offered support to get through it. Initially going to the supermarket took me forever as I stopped to read all ingredients in everything I bought, something I have never done in such detail before. At first I found it really hard, as I did not know what was out there that I could use as an alternative, or which shops had what products. I now know where I need to go to specifically buy the ingredients that I have now grown to love.

This journey for you, if you choose to try it, will be about finding different ingredients and particular brands that you like or do not like. Something that I like, may not be something that works for you, and I know there are still many other ingredients out there that I am yet to try. Every day I learn about something new, and try something different and I am finding that my new favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner options are tasting better and better and make me feel so good.

I have enjoyed sharing this with our two young children, and it is something that we will continue to share with them, without forcing them down this lifestyle change.  It will be a much slower journey for them, but I am already finding that their preferences are changing, and they are starting to enjoy healthier options. I am not saying that the lifestyle we had before this was filled with wrong foods, but it was filled with different foods, and something that I can now appreciate was not necessarily as healthy and nutritious as it could have been.

There will be days when your routine is thrown out the window, I experience these days regularly with a busy family schedule. You leave the house and find that forgot to have breakfast, or did not have time to make your lunch. At the beginning of my journey I found myself looking to find foods that would be quick and easy to use on the go. With diet and more healthy food choices becoming increasingly popular, more and more retailers and companies are adding to their dairy free, gluten free and vegan product ranges. It is exciting to learn about all new products on the market, products that help families with busy lives. An example of one of these that I have recently heard about is a new dairy and gluten free shake recently launched by CelebritySlim. Quick and easy meals and snacks that can bring convenience in the world of gluten, meat and dairy free is a huge win and will enable more and more people to try and succeed with a switch to a healthier way of eating. Even if they have a hectic family life to keep on top of at the same time!!

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